Palm Beach Personalities: Meeting Jimmy Buffett


All around the world people have heard of Palm Beach but we chat to man that knows it best: Jimmy Buffett.


13th January 2017

The Chesterfield Palm Beach

Palm Beach is known for its larger than life personalities.  From politicians to entertainers, playboys to presidents, Palm Beach has always had more than its fair share of interesting characters that add a real spark of unique and eccentric fun to the Palm Beach scene. So many big names have chosen to make Palm Beach their home, and none is better loved than Mr Florida himself, Jimmy Buffett. We take a look at the life of this legendary musician, and the appeal of Palm Beach, which guests can experience for themselves at The Chesterfield.

Although he originally came from the small Mississippi town of Pascagoula, Jimmy Buffett is an adopted Floridian. After a less than successful early country music career in Nashville, Tennessee, Buffett moved to Key West in 1971. This was really the beginning of his launch into legend. Adopting an easy-going beach bum persona, his music began to seduce listeners.  Quintessentially Floridian, his happy, beach inspired tunes have been a staple of holiday playlists for years.

Following his 1977 smash hit, Margaritaville, Buffett’s “drunken Caribbean rock ‘n’ roll” became a mainstream phenomenon.  Even former President Bill Clinton was a huge fan of his music, inviting Buffett to play at the Whitehouse. Buffett has released over 40 albums and his call for island escapism has captured the imagination of generations of music lovers.

Jimmy Buffett

Two of Jimmy Buffett’s most popular songs inspired his restaurant empire, and the two restaurants Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise solidified his reputation as a canny businessman, as well as a laid-back singer and good-time guy. To go along with his records, restaurants and merchandise, Buffett also owns his own brewery, which produces Landshark Lager, a hugely popular beer that is enjoyed all over the world. He has cameoed in movies, written a musical and three number one best-selling books: two fictional and one non-fiction. Buffett truly is a renaissance man.

Buffett used his cash wisely and actually owns three homes in Palm Beach. Two face each other, and one is a larger house separate from the other two. When he’s not in Palm Beach, Buffett likes to sail the East Coast and the Caribbean on his boat or pilot his plane. He spends some of his time in St Barts, where he gets a lot of inspiration for his music, and his winter home is in Sag Harbour, New York, where he also owns three properties. Buffett likes to be by the sea and on the water, enjoying the beach lifestyle, albeit in a different class from how he started out.

Jimmy Buffett

A beach bum, a sailor, a pilot and easy going eccentric, you can see why Jimmy Buffett is a firm favourite in Palm Beach. That he has chosen to make Palm Beach his home is a testament to the outgoing, fun nature of the island. And you can join in the fun too with a few margaritas or martinis at The Chesterfield Palm Beach’s Leopard Lounge Bar in the heart of the historic district. Sip on some cold cocktails and raise a glass to one of the loudest Palm Beach personalities, Jimmy Buffett.

JimmyBuffett Mararitaville © Flickr/SamHowzit. PB Exterior © Palm Beach. Fort Lauderdale Beach © iStock/ddmitr.

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