Lemonade Recipe
How to Make Homemade Lemonade

Get through those hot days with this recipe for ice-cold lemonade.

11th July 2017

Tea Heaven
Tea Heaven: The Origin of Teas Served at The Chesterfield Palm Beach

Tea is a quintessentially British tradition.  Aside from ‘high tea’, Brits start each morning with a cup of tea and and continue to drink it throughout the day.  The small population of the UK consumes 165 million cups of tea each day; usually black tea with milk.  The Chesterfield Palm Beach has worked tirelessly to

15th February 2017

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe
The Chef at The Chesterfield Palm Beach Shares his Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

It’s the exceptional knowledge and understanding of striking flavours that makes the culinary creations of The Chesterfield’s Executive Chef Gerard Coughlin so outstanding. Guests can sample these exemplary plates at the Leopard Lounge and Restaurant, but first, we take inspiration from Chef Coughlin as he shares the secret behind one of his signature accompaniments, his

30th August 2016

Bars in Palm Beach
The Most Fabulous Cocktail Bars in Palm Beach

After spending the day exploring Florida’s coastline, see another side to Palm Beach at sundown. Sip a mojito as you watch the sunset, pair coastal cuisine with handcrafted margaritas or indulge in some late-night martinis before taking to the dance-floor. From the county’s southernmost city of Boca Raton to buzzing West Palm Beach, these are

11th November 2015

Palm Beach on a plate - the best dining experiences

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” Mae West famously remarked. And that’s certainly true of wining and dining in Palm Beach – you’ll never get around to enjoying all the best restaurants in Palm Beach but it’s great fun trying! Here are our top recommendations For an unbeatable experience: The Leopard Lounge

15th May 2014

Chesterfield Candy Cane – Cocktail Recipe

It's that time of year when Christmas parties are in full swing and everyone is feeling festive! To help your party go off with a jingle we've got a festive recipe from the Head Barman at The Chesterfield Palm Beach. Ingredients 2 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream 1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps Raspberry sauce To start off with you

14th December 2012

Cocktail culture at the Chesterfield Palm Beach

Bartender Michelle Gagnon shares a few of her favourite recipes to coincide with the “Cocktail Culture” exhibition at the nearby Norton Museum of Art.

06th January 2012

Things you never knew about Thanksgiving

Everyone agrees that Thanksgiving is a great time to get the whole family together and tuck into roast turkey – but opinion is divided over when, and where, the occasion was first celebrated in North America. Francine Boissonneault, General Manager of The Chesterfield Palm Beach, dishes up some surprising facts for you. Read more…

19th November 2010

RCH blog post
The Perfect Dover Sole

Bea Tollman, President and Founder of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, shares one of her favourite dishes which also features in her recently published cookbook “A Life in Food”. Just one of the many signature dishes and guest favourites available at the hotels.

12th November 2009

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