Five Tips to Beat Jetlag


Ease the fatigue with these easy-to-follow tips, so you can make the most of your trip as soon as you arrive.


11th September 2017

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Making the most of your first days in a new destination is a priority for most travellers and these precious moments needn’t be dampened by the prospect of jet lag. While jet lag is something every traveller contends with, these five easy-to-follow tips will help ease fatigue, so you can make the most of your trip from the moment you arrive.

 Get a good’s night sleep beforehand

Being well rested is a priority. Whilst it can be tempting to forgo sleep by staying up late packing or trying to align yourself with the time zone you’re travelling to, a good night’s rest ahead of your journey will help you arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed. Whilst on the plane, create a restful environment by packing an eye mask and ear plugs and wearing loose, comfortable clothing. It’s also worth putting some thought into what seat you choose, selecting extra leg room where possible.

Opt for a stop

Stopover flights are a convenient way to give yourself more of a chance to adjust to a new time zone. It’s a good opportunity to stretch your legs and allow your body a break from the stresses of long haul travel. A stopover might also mean you get the chance to check out a destination that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to visit.

Avoid alcohol

You might be in the holiday mood, but those welcome cocktails won’t help anyone looking to avoid jetlag. Alcoholic drinks, along with caffeinated and fizzy drinks, are dehydrating, and combined with the altitude, will only leave you feeling groggy. Instead, be sure to keep hydrated throughout the flight by drinking plenty of water and eat a light, nutritious meal.

Jetlag Tips

Move regularly

Space might be at a premium on board an airplane, but try and move around as much as possible during your flight as this helps boost blood circulation. Look out for the suggested in-flight exercises provided by most airlines in on-board magazines, and make sure you keep as active as possible during the flight. Once you reach your destination, get moving with some gentle exercise such as a scenic walk or light jog, which can help ease jet lag.

Get some fresh air

Daylight and fresh air are excellent ways of beating jet lag. If possible, opt for a flight that lands during day and once you arrive at the hotel, take a walk outside to acquaint yourself with the neighbourhood and take in some much-needed fresh air.

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