Fine Wines

Around the world in a glass

The elegant and stylish wine list at The Chesterfield Palm Beach is a truly international selection of sommelier picked fine wines. As you’d expect there’s a strong representation of native vintages, including some of the finest names from the USA, but our sommelier has also trawled the world of wine to create a compact list that combines consistent quality with surprising range and breadth to suit your favorite dish in the Leopard Lounge and Restaurant.

You’ll find many of the classic names – the great vintages of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne, the classic wines of Spain and Italy – together with a fine collection from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. What’s more, we’ve selected our list with a keen eye on value, so whatever your favourite style, whichever wine-drinking mood you’re in, we’re confident there’ll be something on our list to satisfy, amuse, and delight.

In line with its enthusiasm for fine wine Red Carnation supports and works in close affiliation with the celebrated Bouchard Finalyson winery, makers of some of South Africa’s most distinguished wines, and The Chesterfield Palm Beach is proud to present a range of these outstanding vintages.