Culture vulture in Palm Beach

  • Category: Art & Culture
  • Dates: Monday, 16 September 2013 to Monday, 01 January 0001

Palm Beach is known for epitomising the beach holiday, but there's more to this place than lounging around on the pristine coastline or paddling in the azure waters. Take at least one day of your time here to visit some of the more cultural attractions. If you've got little ones, make the most of the holiday by booking into the Chesterfield Palm Beach with the Family Getaway option. This way, the little ones are given milk and cookies before being treated to a day of education and culture.

Four Arts

Not sure what to start with? Head to the Four Arts Society, which features a colourful range of exciting programmes including special films, art galleries, concerts and theatre. Its gardens are open seven days a week and the temporary exhibitions change regularly. If the culture keeps you there until lunchtime, there's an admirable lunch experience with some of Palm Beach's most prestigious chefs.

The Maritime Museum

Palm Beach's Maritime museum is not just a fascinating learning space about everything seaworthy - it's also a great location for live music and hosts every genre from reggae to R&B. Feel free to bring a blanket and cooler. Among the maritime attractions, HMS Bounty is most definitely a highlight. Great fun to explore.

Bethesda by the Sea

A visit to this episcopal church is the perfect opportunity to enjoy religion among a group of enthusiastic church-goers. Sunday service takes place at 8am and 10am and is broadcast online (wave if you see the camera go past), but you'll also want to visit this church for the beautiful architecture and vaulting. Check the website for details of special events that might be occurring including fairs, live music and the famous Paint Your Heart festival.